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I Love You Series

"I was so in love with him that it scared me sometimes. The fragility of it all. I knew we lived in a bubble. A world where no one existed but each other. No one but the boys knew about us. We were each others best kept secret. If I’d kept a diary, he’d be every page. I’d fill it with the gentleness of his hands and the warmth of his kisses. I’d tell it that I didn’t believe that anyone could love me more than him. I’d tell it that I was terrified that one day I wouldn’t remember his fingers laced with mine or his nose pressed behind my ear and his smile against my neck. "

"I Love You" Song Series: (Current Series/Unfinished)

Mature. Please do not read if you are under the legal age in your state/country. (Typically 16+). Thank you.

1. I Love You (inspired by Sarah McLachlan)

2. Heaven (inspired by Brandi Carlile)

3. Lighthouse (inspired by Hope)

4. Think of You (inspired by Carney)

5. I Shall Believe (inspired by Sheryl Crow)

6. I Wish You Love (inspired by Rachel Yamagata) ::NEW::


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