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The house was quiet when I entered it but I could hear the gentle sound of water in the distance. Typically I could hear him singing to whatever was stuck in his head while he was showering but not this time. The closer I got the more I could make out the strained, gentle groans from behind the bathroom door. As I creaked it open, the steam pouring out and bathing my face in it’s wet heat I saw him behind the glass. Hand pinned to the wall and water dripping in streams from his hair. Rivers running down his toned back as his hand twisted and pumped.

Licking my lip into my mouth I took my clothes off quietly, opening the door and letting the cold air hit his back, surprising him. He turned to me, lips parted and wet, still panting. Startled at the sudden company, a flush hitting his cheeks in embarrassment. Sliding my hands from behind to his stomach, I kissed the back of his shoulder.

"Let me show you how it’s done, baby."

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