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And I’m already too sad to keep going.

A little concerned that my selfie with a banana in my mouth has more notes than almost all of my other selfies….

Side eyeing you people.

18 notes   Mar 1st 2014

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Some girl in Cheshire is walking around with the bragging right of being Harry’s first kiss. The first person to feel those soft full lips and that warm tongue. To feel his fingers in her hair. Probably nervous but so excited. Some lucky girl has claim to that.


"He’s packing heat" - Ed Sheeran

"I have it on good authority that Harry Styles has a big penis." - Francis Boulle

…… It’s above average sized. His penis is large. This is stated as fact so frequently it might as well be added to the encyclopedia. 

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Harry has slid his hand across a girls cheek, let his thumb rub gently while that soft subtle smirk hits his lips and that sweet deep smokey voice has softly said, “I love you.” Thats a thing that’s happened at some point. Some one out there has been able to say that. You’re welcome.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Harry donates and sponsors to charities privately and expects no recognition for that. Most recently, to research towards brain tumors in children. Stand Up 2 Cancer. And a random girl who was pledging to not drink a drop of alcohol to raise money for cancer research.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: There’s women out there that know exactly how it feels to have that tongue lick up them slow. Flick them. Suck them. Groan around their taste as he closes his eyes and pushes his tongue deeper. While we all sit here and fantasize about it….there’s women out there who know EXACTLY what that’s like.


I have to go to sleep…with thoughts of a Louis quick shot running through my head….

It’s gonna happen guys…the time has cum come……



10 notes   Aug 25th 2012


23 messages to go and my Internet decides its done for the night.

So I guess I’ll have to finish my ask cleanse tomorrow.




0 notes   Aug 24th 2012

I need to sleeeeeeeep!

Love you guys!

So happy to be back with you babies on the regular!

But for now….



2 notes   Aug 19th 2012


I am a walking dead person.

I have to sleep before I die.

Love you!!



1 notes   Aug 15th 2012

Mommy Direction needs some SLEEP

I’ve literally spent ALL DAY with you.

I need to rest.

Love you guys!



0 notes   Aug 2nd 2012

I have to go to bed, I feel the start of a super bad headache coming on and it’s killing me to look at this screen….

Nice talking to you guys tonight!

Love you!



0 notes   Jul 31st 2012