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Here ya go! While you wait enjoy 49 seconds of me documenting how scared I am of my wine opener!


61 notes   Feb 4th 2014
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20k DBS Q&A

Heeeeeere you guys go! That’s my face. That’s my face answering shit. 




88 notes   Jan 30th 2014

Story of My Life Video Reaction featuring Tanya @ FutureSexPusherLove and myself! Enjoy!

So I did a thing and I made a reaction video to Story of My Life. So here’s my face….doing that….enjoy.

My Video - Change My Mind and a little of the boys walking around directly in front of me on the B Stage.

Listen for my friends commentary because its hilarious. Towards the end when they’re on the B stage, Harry walks off the platform to the stage and comes towards us and she yells, “No! GO AWAY!” and then later she’s reaching for Niall and going, “GOD PLEASE TOUCH ME!!!” haha And at one point Niall looks at us and waves and she goes, “Are you kidding me?!?!” She was having a very hard time.

Pardon me when Harry comes over to us at the end and stands directly in front of me and the camera starts shaking uncontrollably. I was having issues with his proximity to my face.

This was BEFORE the hat.

Here’s my very tired and uneventful reaction video to “Little Things” along with my small reactions to parts of “Rock Me” and “They Don’t Know About Us”

I apologize now for my lack of enthusiasm, it’s been a long day.



So this literally took ALL DAY to upload and convert for some reason but you guys asked for me to make a reaction video to listening to Live While We’re Young for the first time.

We’ll I gave you one better and recorded myself WATCHING Live While We’re Young for the first time.

My reaction is embarrassing. And volatile. And absolutely ridiculous. 

So….very Bee.

Hope you enjoy.